Monday, June 12, 2017

Why I'm After SharePoint

Similarly to the conclusion of several commercials, my reply could be: "Because I deserve it". I consider that SharePoint is Microsoft's best bet after Office, a solution in which the user's needs of sharing a high diversity of files have met the integrity and traceability offered by employing a server process for safeguarding those files.

While "cloud" is a marketing wrapper for high standard hosting services rather than a particular technology, Sharepoint is a very specific integration based on Windows Server, IIS, Asp.Net, MS SQL Server and other Microsoft products, addressing the needs of medium and high risk business processes.

If you can organize your processes in a manner that people are sending to an assistant all their requests for updating the company's shared documents, then SharePoint might not be a necessity for you.

If your processes require only shared read access to files, and it's fine for you to establish strict rules in order to prevent the same file to be updated by more than one person during a couple of hours, then SharePoint might not be a necessity for you.

If you need the same document to be updated by more than one person during a given time interval, then SharePoint is a necessity for you.

Of course you can have your private SharePoint installation, but for a small company in most cases Office 365 is the way to start using SharePoint, and Office 365 is running in Azure.

 Azure is a winning cloud hosting solution for those who want an easy to manage, always up and running system, and it has multiple alternatives for those who consider more appropriate to combine bare metal cloud hosting with the services of an IT&C company assuring the configuration, tuning and good functioning of their system.

But again...why I'm that much after SharePoint? Because I've spent many years with various software products based on plain file sharing, and respectively SQL engines with plenty of threading issues ...and I'm tired of the many problems, complaints, disputes, claims, vaste of time and money resulting from misusing those software products.

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