Saturday, May 20, 2017

Synching Calendars?

Innate multitaskers and firefighters are thriving in a chaotic environment. They don't mind to handle 2-3 phones, half a dozen of IM channels and a browser with 1-2 dozens of opened tabs.

Easygoing professionals might pick up several messaging and time management software, and one day they realize that they have a number of calendars, contact lists and message lists to sync, because the data they need is spread across more or less integrable services.

Is hiring a part-time assistant a good solution to this kind of new problems produced by the new technologies? The answer is - as always - it depends.

The primary rule is that the business model tells what kind of project management and process management tools are suitable for the company. People often put off changing software, or consider that their existing processes are too complicated for being restructured.

"We love our here... software so much, that we've also purchased comes a list of tools... in order to complete its missing features" could be a winning innovation model, or hard stuff with steep learning curve for new employees, or a hack causing quality degradation in time.

In case of a BPO company it's good to search for a software based on Kanban tables or Gantt charts, which offers graphs for past and future time intervals. Todoist is ok for a freelance VA, but not for a VA team, and who has dozens of processes, might consider migrating from Asana.

In case a professional needs a predictable and quiet environment for performing well, then he/she will definitely make a good complementary team with a native multitasker assistant, regardless of his/her software tools.

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